Isla Blanca County Park Yearbook 2012-2013

Baked Potato and Chili Dinner 2013

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The Baked Potato and Chili Dinner was a big hit. Too big, in fact, since we ran out of potatoes and had to turn some people away! I guess next time they will get there early and let someone else miss out!

Potatoes were baked
Pat, stirring the chili.
And its Ready to Serve
Ron Leaf - one of the cooks
Fred, setting up the serving table, Dora watching
Fred and Barb H. serving Ron and Gloria L. and Barb
Barb and Rick, enjoying the taters and chili.
Servers (r-l) Sandy, Fran, Robert, Mike, Janet, Barb H.
Dora talking to servers
Sandy, Fran, Mike, Janet, etc.
Line waiting for potato dinner
Line for eating potatoes.
Park residents enjoying a potato dinner
Serving dessert - Kathy and Joanne
Gloria serving drinks, Ron and Del helping at the door
Residents getting their desserts
Full house of potato eaters

Clean-up crew - Lorraine, Gloria, Robert, and Joanne
Photos by Ron Weedon
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